• What are requirements for my music submission to be accepted?

    You own and control the rights to the recording and the musical composition.

    Published on YouTube for at least 30 days (it does not matter who uploaded it).

    Your track is not registered with the YouTube's Content ID system (directly or through a third parties).

  • What happens when I submit my track?

    We check, if the requirements are met and start track evaluation.

  • How is my track being evaluated?

    We use complex formulas that project future popularity of your track on YouTube. We also use VidIQ services to receive data of our interest and make final evaluation of the track.

  • When will I be informed about my submission status and when will I receive an offer from you?

    If the requirements are met, we will evaluate your track and send you an offer (with agreement) within five working days.

  • How can I accept your offer?

    You can accept it by signing the agreement and sending scanned or photographed form of it to us.

  • Will I retain ownership of my recording?

    Short answer is yes. You can still distribute it to iTunes, Spotify, etc. and utilize it for commercial reasons, except YouTube ploatform. If you change your mind, you can terminate the agreement and commercially exploit recording on YouTube platform.

  • When will I receive my money?

    We pay within five business days after we receive signed agreement.

  • What payment methods can I use?

    At the moment we can only make payments via PayPal.

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